💎 Member Core Benefits & Value Proposition

  • There will only ever be 233 diamond nft passes / memberships.
  • Weekly Private Diamond Alpha live steam with myself & successful guests in the NFT and crypto space !
  • Private Alpha Diamond Channel network with other quality successful members in the space.
  • Get EARLY alpha calls on the biggest trends / projects in the NFT and crypto space.
  • 70% priority of partnerships, white lists, & free NFTs !
  • Special color Rolls and Icon
  • Limited 2k RES Diamond NFT pass (Only 233 💎 NFTs ever)
  • Crypto Trading Updates

Future Benefits ( No set date )

  • 100% chance of WL for future DWC collections
  • Membership and E-learning
  • NFT trading course & Mindset Trading
  • Much MORE !


  • Diamond passes will start bidding via google form now & will be open for 4 days.
  • *Minimum bid .3 ETH*
  • Diamond passes will go to top bidders.

There is no roadmap? Why?

Road maps are often lofty dreams that often over promise and underdeliver. Also they have little to no impact if the market dips or value to you as a human and NFT trader.

I believe in providing TANGIBLE value propositions and benefits that I can provide up front to my holders no matter what, or the market conditions. Of course we have future plans , but this is my focus.

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